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in loving devotion to you.


The first time Daniela said a prayer to connect with Akashic perspective, she knew that sharing Akashic perspective was her dharma. Her entire body and consciousness were flooded with immense love and divine energy and she experienced Akashic perspective with incredible lucidity. 

Since then, she has committed her life to sharing Akashic perspective in service to humanity’s empowerment, elevation of consciousness, and embodying of greater love. She travels internationally to share Akashic Practitioner Trainings, speaking events, and retreats, and shares one-on-one Sessions and Practitioner Trainings remotely and in person wherever she is.

Daniela is a graceful, intelligent channel of Akashic perspective; she delivers Akashic insight and energy with crystalline clarity, integrity, and love. 

The energy she emanates naturally activates people. Those she connects with are always catalyzed into their next level of embodiment and expression of their infinite potential. 

Daniela’s home base is in Los Angeles, CA.




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