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What can I experience in an Akashic Session?

  • An enlightening perspective of yourself, your life’s circumstances, and all connected to you. Instead of viewing your life through your conditioned human mind, with all its judgments, projections, expectations, memories, etc, you will be viewing your life through higher perspective.. a clear perspective beyond the human mind.

  • Psychic insight in response to your questions and inquiries.

  • High vibrational energy that naturally alleviates you of lower vibrational beliefs, emotions, and behaviors and creates an elevation of consciousness.

  • Illumination of the subconscious beliefs, behaviors and choices that are creating the undesirable circumstances in your life.

  • Clarity that clients often describe as feeling lighter and with greater enthusiasm for their lives and clearer direction.

  • A liberation of stuck or stagnant energy and limiting or untrue beliefs.

  • A letting go of the past and embracing of the possibility and potential of the now.

  • An energy that is often tangibly felt by clients and has been described as “divine love”, “ecstasy”, “deep peace”, and more. Crying (in the form of joyful release of all that is not love/truth) at the initiation of the session when this energy begins to pour in is very common!

Generally, clients experience a discernible, lasting shift in the way they think, feel, and act, which leads to observable changes in the circumstances of their lives.

How can I prepare?

Have questions ready for your session. “What”, “Why” and “How” questions are best. “Yes or no”, “When”, and “Should I” questions tend to not yield as much valuable insight. I will explore your questions from many different perspectives and approaches to offer you as much information and energy as is relevant for you to know and receive.

You can ask about anything. Common topics of Akashic exploration are: relationships, addictive or disempowering patterns, life purpose, career, finances, business, creative endeavors, entrepreneurial opportunities, travel, big decisions, manifestation, past traumas, emotional experiences, dreams, health, ideal diet, romance, and the “whys” and “hows” of life experiences and circumstances.

Trust that you will receive the insight and energy that is most relevant, empowering and healing for you to receive at this time. Enter into the experience with an open heart and mind. Relinquish expectations so that you can be fully available for and receptive to all that comes through.

The session is whatever you make it. My intention is to energize the highest possibility and potential of you, liberate you from beliefs, energies, and behaviors that are limiting you, and reflect to you the truth of who you are, as relevant to you in this moment in time.

I recommend taking time to meditate and ground before our session. This will allow us to dive in deeper more quickly. Clients with a strong meditative practice often report having a personal experience of Akashic perspective during the session, where they also see, sense, and receive Akashic psychic knowing and energy.

Can I ask for specific answers?

Sometimes yes, often no. You will only receive what is relevant, healing and empowering for you to receive in a session. Nothing can be known or revealed before the appropriate time.

Example: when a woman asked about meeting a life partner, it was revealed to her that she would meet him soon in Hawaii. She had no plans or intentions to go to Hawaii and deemed it highly unlikely that she would travel there anytime soon. A few months later, she was invited to speak at a retreat in Hawaii. She would not be paid and only her expenses would be covered. Normally, she would say no to such an invitation, but because of what had been shared in her reading, she said yes and met her beloved at the retreat. She shared the story with a friend who booked an Akashic session and asked the same question. Instead of receiving the specific information that the other woman received, the reading revealed everything that she was playing out patterns of emasculating men and not trusting men, and needed to experience a shift in her approach and relationship to love, romance and partnership in order to become a vibrational match to her life partner. She was not told when she would meet him or where because that information was not relevant or empowering for her to receive at that time.

In this human experience, we opt into a certain level of amnesia, so life can be a surprise and a mystery.. this is the only way we can have the full human experience. It’s possible that not all questions can or will be answered the way you may want them to be answered.

These sessions also will not impose upon your freedom of choice. If you bring “Should I…” type questions to the session, the decision will not be made for you. Instead, we will explore the root cause of your indecision and illuminate what is currently not known about each decision to help you gain clarity around what decision is in highest alignment for you. Generally, clients who come to the reading with indecision leave with a clear path forward.

What if i am scared / nervous / or skeptical?

This is common amongst those who have never had an Akashic session before. Know that there is nothing to fear! You will be held in the energy of total love and non-judgment.. this is the truth of Akashic perspective! I will be setting aside the totality of my personality, beliefs, and projections (all the distortions of the human mind) in order to serve as a clear channel on your behalf. You will be received with immense love and only that which your soul wants you to know and experience will be shared.

Akashic perspective is great at dismantling skepticism. However, if within the first ten minutes of your session you are at all unsatisfied, you are welcome to terminate your session and receive a full refund. After ten minutes, I will assume that you are agreeing that the session is valuable and worthy of your investment.

How do you access akashic perspective?

I come into an elevated, expansive state of consciousness and set aside the totality of my ego (my personality and any and all preconceived ideas, beliefs, expectations or projections) to become a clear, receptive and allowing channel.

It is a state of deep presence and elevated consciousness. I experience it as a ‘merging’ with ‘the universe’ and an embracing of you as an aspect of me.

I don’t typically remember what is explored in these sessions. It’s not like having a regular conversation with me, as I’m in an elevated, non-ordinary state of consciousness, and what comes through does not often register with my human mind/memory. When connecting to channel, I ask that my human mind be set aside so that I may merge with universal mind.

So returning clients, please note that I may have to be reminded of what we’ve explored in previous sessions!