“I have studied Akashic Records reading with Daniela Gil, and I have to say - it is life-changing.”

— Anastasha Grace Deyour

”One of the most expansive, joyful, clearing, centering and amplifying experiences of my life..”

— Allisun Shine

”This training has been one of the most valuable experiences of my life, far more than many other trainings that I have spent thousands of dollars on.”

— Lauren Aubrey



Access anytime you desire to a cosmic library of sorts, or “spiritual google”, where you can ask anything and receive relevant insight, information and high vibrational healing energy. 

How would your life change if you could see and know yourself as you are seen and known by your angels and guides?

Often, people who experience an Akashic session believe that the practitioner has a special gift or is a natural born psychic. Although there may be some human-perspective truth to that, the Akashic truth is that we *all* have access to the Akashic Records. This training will teach you: how to cultivate the state of consciousness that allows access to the Akashic Records; how to obtain useful information reliably and accurately; how to use the Akashic Records for self healing and self inquiries; and how to share readings with others in an integrous, clear and empowering way. 

Regularly accessing Akashic Perspective is a radically transformative and life-upgrading practice that naturally engenders:

♥ clearer intuitive sight. 

♥ embodiment of greater love, trust, and possibility. 

♥ an integration of the knowing of our angels and guides, which alleviates us of limiting and disempowering beliefs, behaviors, and patterns. 

♥ revelation of our true soul-level alignment and all that is possible for us, which creates lasting changes within our consciousness and the circumstances of our lives. 

'Accessing Akashic Perspective' is not solely for those who intend to become an Akashic practitioner - it is for those who are wanting to elevate their consciousness and experience the myriad of benefits offered by stepping into this level of empowerment and self awareness. Whatever it is you’re wanting to create in your life, regularly accessing Akashic perspective can support you in creating it. This training has been used by healers, spiritual teachers, coaches and wellness practitioners to take their offering to the next level; public speakers and public figures/influencers to align with their most authentic voice and powerful message; creatives of all kinds to enhance their creative channel; parents to better understand their children and create a healthier, more empowering and nurturing environment for their children; entrepreneurs to catalyze and clarify the route to their success; and more. 

You’re invited to join Daniela Gil for an upcoming Akashic Practitioner training and learn a truly magical practice that will majorly upgrade your life and provide immense value to the lives of your clients and loved ones.

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This training is now sold out: you’re invited to join me for “Akashic Metamorphosis”, an Online Akashic Practitioner Training PLUS group Akashic coaching and transmissions that catalyze your empowerment and transformation relevant to living the life of your dreams and fully giving all of your gifts to life.

9/9 - 10/28

MONDAYS at 9AM Los Angeles, 12pm New York, 5pm London, 7pm Athens.

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Akashic Metamorphosis
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The Akashic Metamorphosis: A 12 Week Transformational Chrysalis 
Mondays, Oct 7 - Dec 23rd.
1pm Hawaii, 4pm Los Angeles, 7pm New York, Tuesdays 7am Bali, Tuesdays 9am Sydney.

An Online Akashic Records Practitioner training, group coaching, and Akashic self-exploration transformational container.

“Akashic Metamorphoses” parallels the radical, magical, seemingly miraculous transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly. The caterpillar, limited in its perspective, earth-bound, and unaware that it’s also a free-flying, beautiful butterfly - creates, from its own elements, the medium for its metamorphoses.. the chrysalis. From the chrysalis it evolves and emerges transformed, with its wings manifested, liberated, and a whole new perspective on and experience of life.

Akashic Metamorphosis:
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Los Angeles Akashic Practitioner Training

Access anytime you desire to a cosmic library of sorts, or “spiritual google”, where you can ask anything and receive relevant insight, information and high vibrational healing energy.

In this practitioner training you’ll learn how to access the Akashic Records; how to use the Akashic Records for self-discovery, healing, transformation and manifestation; and how to share Akashic Record readings with others in a clear and empowering way.

OCTOBER 21 - 26, 2019

Hosted at the L.A. Sanctuary:
2551 Wellesley Avenue
Los Angeles, 90064

Monday, 10/21: 6PM - 9PM
Tuesday, 10/22: 6PM - 9PM
Thursday, 10/24: 6PM - 9PM
Friday, 10/25: 6PM - 9PM
Saturday, 10/26: 11AM - 4PM

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Receive private, one-on-one Akashic Practitioner training with Daniela.
Trainings are shared via Zoom Video call or live wherever Daniela is. Training can be completed over the course of 4 - 8 weeks or in 5 consecutive days. We’ll discuss your intentions for taking the training and availability to customize a syllabus and schedule that caters specifically to you.

daniela@danielagil.love to apply.

I would like to share with you an incredible, life changing opportunity to learn to access The Akashic Records. Accessing The Akashic Records is having access to the most extraordinary spiritual guidance and high vibrational energy, whenever you desire. It allows you to transform your life by seeing the higher (akashic) perspective of your beliefs, circumstances, habits and whatever may be limiting you from experiencing total alignment and harmony. The energy of the records alone is a blissful, transformational experience that raises your vibration, brings peace and aligns you to your highest potential.

Daniela is truly the most pure, clear and loving channels I know and her offerings are an experience of divine grace, profound wisdom and transformational love. I have experienced both her readings and Practitioner Training and could not recommend them enough if you are looking to further your spiritual journey, align more to your higher self and connect deeply and effortlessly with source. The training has allowed me to experience an incredible flow of divine insight, perceptive and high vibrational energy, on a consistent, daily basis. Accessing the records allows me to experience greater alignment, high states of bliss and harmony and receive invaluable insight into my life and the lives of others. It is immensely helpful skill to have on one’s own personal spiritual journey and if you desire, to help others on theirs.

Her work has changed numerous lives and I know it will continue to transform many more. If you would like to heighten your intuition, connection to source and experience magic, please check out this special opportunity!
— Amber Rose, shared on her Social Media

Recently I experienced one of the most expansive, joyful, clearing, centering and amplifying trainings of my life with Daniela Gil and her Akashic Records practitioner training. 

I chose to do this training after experiencing multiple life-changing readings from Daniela, with the desire to access this space on my own for personal healing, channeled writing and to offer readings to others.

Daniela lovingly guided us through the process of accessing the records by communicating with the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. I felt safe, loved, empowered and inspired in Daniela’s presence and throughout the training. We practiced accessing the records and feeling and understanding the difference between our intuition and the even broader energetic insights the records offer. 

As someone who channels regularly already, I was amazed to see the difference. 

I am so grateful to have attended this training in every way. Daniela is such a unique, beautiful and powerful soul, and by the end of the training I felt empowered to access the records on my own (which I have done many times since).
— Allisun Shine, shared on an Instagram post

I can’t say enough to express my gratitude for Daniela Gil and this practitioner training! It has served me in so many ways. Mostly, I feel a renewed sense of connection to Divine Source. Of course, that connection never really went away but, now I can truly feel it and access it consistently. During the last month, this connection has started to become stronger through practicing and offering readings for others as well as for myself.

If you find yourself stuck in a cycle of un-helpful belief/behavior patterns and you are wanting to call in more abundance and love in your life through healing these old patterns, this is the course for you! For me personally, it has also started to unfold as my calling and career path. People use the records for all sorts of different things though, not necessarily to teach it or give readings. For example, I’ve also found it extremely useful for increasing my creative flow as well, especially for dance, writing and making art. AND for business/planning and more practical aspects of my life too! Not to mention a heightened and more accurate intuition that I had been ignoring in the past. When intuition becomes aligned with your soul’s purpose, life becomes a whole lot easier and MORE FUN!

Whatever your purpose, the Akashic Records have the potential to change your life, through recognizing your own abundant light and empowering you to do something about it! As for Daniela Gil, she is a most wonderful, sweet and supportive guide. Please send me a DM if you have more questions about the training and my personal experience with learning to use the records, I’m happy to gush anytime!
— Lauren Aubrey, shared on her Facebook page