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How would your life change if you could see yourself and the circumstances of your life through the eyes of Akashic perspective?


Book a one-on-one Akashic reading with Daniela.

How would your life change if you could see yourself and your life’s circumstances through the eyes of higher perspective?

‘Exploring Akashic Perspective’ is an opportunity to know yourself and your life as you are known in the light of Akashic perspective. These sessions can reveal: the unconscious factors responsible for creating the circumstances of your life; the nature and desires of your soul (which often differ from the desires of the human personality); what is possible for you and available to you; and much more. Every session is a different experience, always offering to you what is most relevant, empowering, and healing to you to know and receive.

You can explore any area of your life: relationships, big decisions, addictive/compulsive habits, your dharma, entrepreneurial and creative endeavors, career, prosperity, health, visions and dreams, and more. Come to the reading prepared with your intention and questions. “What”, “why”, and “how” questions are recommended. 

Exploring Akashic Perspective is a sacred experience offered to you with utmost love, presence, and integrity, with the heartfelt intention to catalyze your empowerment, elevation of consciousness, and embodiment of greater love, harmony and possibility.