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Daniela is currently in Crete and focusing on her one-on-one clients: you’re invited to check out these upcoming trainings and retreats.

In a group reading, Daniela shares Akashic perspective in response to your questions and inquiries. Akashic perspective is essentially higher perspective: the perspective and knowing that is beyond the mind, which is laden with beliefs, judgments, expectations, projections, and more - all of which distort our perspective and limit our true knowing. Exploring higher perspective is like spiritual Google: you can ask and “look up” anything and receive guidance, insight, and high vibrational energy from the Akashic realm. 

This higher perspective and high vibrational energy naturally alleviates us of lower vibrational beliefs, habits, and emotions, catalyzes an elevation of consciousness, and inspires lasting changes within the circumstances of our lives. Exploring higher perspective is a transformative experience that initiates spiritual growth and fosters empowerment and the embodiment of greater love, joy, and trust in life. 

What you can receive and experience in a group reading:

♥ The opportunity to explore yourself and your life’s circumstances through the eyes of your angels and guides.

♥ Psychic insight in response to your questions and inquiries. 

♥ High vibrational energy that naturally alleviates you of lower vibrational beliefs, emotions, and behaviors and catalyzes lasting changes within your life. 

♥ Illumination of subconscious beliefs, behaviors and choices that are creating undesirable outcomes in your life.

♥ An elevation of consciousness.

♥ Clarity that participants often experience as feeling lighter, greater enthusiasm for life, and a feeling that anything is possible - what they can dream, they can create and achieve. 

♥ A liberation of stuck or stagnant energy and limiting or untrue beliefs.

You are invited to ask anything! Commonly explored topics are: Relationships; love; big decisions; how to break disempowering patterns or habits; dharma; career; well-being; finances; life goals; dream meanings; how to manifest what you want; past lives; future possibilities and more.