Accessing Higher Perspective: Akashic Practitioner Training
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Accessing Higher Perspective: Akashic Practitioner Training

This practitioner training teaches you how to access higher perspective, also known as 'The Akashic Records'. Regularly exploring higher perspective catalyzes an elevation of consciousness and supports greater embodiment of love, presence, trust and harmony. This training will also prepare you to share higher perspective ('readings') with others in a truthful and empowering way. 

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Akashic Records Practitioner Training
to Jun 17

Akashic Records Practitioner Training

Our true nature - who we are beyond the human mind - is all knowing and all encompassing.

This training will expand your consciousness and elevate your awareness for a more connected, inspired experience of life so that you may be a beacon of light for others as we collectively undergo this radical transformation and deep healing. 

LOCATION: Truth North Studio in Santa Monica:
DATES: Friday, June 15th 6-9PM
Saturday, June 16th 11 - 5PM
Sunday, June 17th 11 - 5PM


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