a 2 Day Los Angeles Retreat

Sep 21 at 2:30 PM – Sep 22 at 6 PM

LOVE LIFE DAY is one Saturday and one Sunday, dedicated to your love life, love-of-life, and prosperity.

Saturday, September 21st: 2:30-6:00pm
Sunday, September, 22nd: Noon-6:00pm

LOVE LIFE DAY will be hosted and led by:

♥ Joseph Faust – NLP Coach/Trainer, creator of the Productivity Toolkit, Money Management Method, and Founder of Love Life School

Daniela Gil – Renown Akashic Records Channel and Teacher

♥ Our "Love Angels":
– Our physical support team, who will be present to support you in having the most nourishing and extraordinary experience possible,
– And our ethereal support team, which include our angels, guides, and "Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones" (the ethereal beings who communicate the knowing and insight of the Akashic Records to us).

This two day retreat will support you in both creating and 'attracting' the love-life you desire, the prosperity you're so worthy of, and the life of your dreams!

Expect powerful and transformative Akashic 'Love Activation' readings, practices, and transmissions that enhance and empower your love-of-life and your love life,

As well as 'Prosperity Activations' that support you in shifting from $ concerns, fear, and worry to eagerness, fun, trust and generosity - and an empowered creation of and receptivity to your abundance.

All the beautiful visions and dreams that you have for yourself relevant to your love life and experience of prosperity are possible for you and they are important!

You are a powerful creator being and to manifest your dreams it's essential to release an internal resistance to manifesting your dreams,
...including programming that's currently outside your conscious awareness.

How can you access and transform what's currently outside your conscious awareness?

Through Akashic Record readings and exploration, which will be doing together in "Love Life Day".

To empower you and your dreams and release the internal conflicts to your dreams, we will be developing “ENERGETIC ALIGNMENT and EMBODIMENT
of LOVE and PROSPERITY” through extraordinary, state-of-the-art transformational practices and processes.

We will also be:
♥ Exploring ways to easily bring more love into your experience.
♥ Supporting you in releasing beliefs ( ) and energetic patterns that have hindered your dreams from becoming three dimensional.
♥ Energetically tapping into the experience of prosperity and abundance so you create a significant shift in your relationship to (the truth of) prosperity and abundance.
♥ Transforming internal self-talk, so it becomes natural to speak to yourself with love and appreciation and so that your internal self-talk supports the manifestation of your dreams.
♥ Offering love transmissions, insights, practices, and perspectives to create alignment with your dream life.

SO YOU CAN CREATE alignment of your beliefs, actions, and communication with your desires, so they manifest, faster.

This event is reserved for the first 17 participants who register.

$222 before Sept 8th
$244 before Sept 15th (if available)
$288 after Sept 15th.

Reserve your spot by purchasing your ticket here:

All relevant information, how to prepare, etc will be shared with you upon registration.

We're so looking forward to hosting you for Love Life Day!