Akashic Metamorphosis

Akashic Metamorphosis

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The Akashic Metamorphosis: A 12 Week Transformational Chrysalis 
Mondays, Oct 7 - Dec 23rd.
1pm Hawaii, 4pm Los Angeles, 7pm New York, Tuesdays 7am Bali, Tuesdays 9am Sydney.

An Online Akashic Records Practitioner training, group coaching, and Akashic self-exploration transformational container.

“Akashic Metamorphoses” parallels the radical, magical, seemingly miraculous transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly. The caterpillar, limited in its perspective, earth-bound, and unaware that it’s also a free-flying, beautiful butterfly - creates, from its own elements, the medium for its metamorphoses.. the chrysalis. From the chrysalis it evolves and emerges transformed, with its wings manifested, liberated, and a whole new perspective on and experience of life.

Akashic Metamorphosis:
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