Accessing Higher Perspective: Akashic Practitioner Training in Topanga 3/22-3/24

Accessing Higher Perspective: Akashic Practitioner Training in Topanga 3/22-3/24


This practitioner training teaches you how to access and speak from higher perspective (also known as “The Akashic Records”, “The Book of Life” in the Bible, and “The Mind of God”). 

Higher perspective is like the Google of the Universe - you can ask and “look up” anything and receive guidance, insight, and high vibrational energy from the Akashic realm. 

The high vibrational energy that comes with higher perspective naturally alleviates us of lower vibrational beliefs, habits, and emotions, and creates lasting changes within our consciousness and the circumstances of our lives. Higher perspective is one of love, trust, and the intuitive knowing that gives rise to miraculous synchronicity. Regularly accessing higher perspective 

is a radically transformative, elevating experience that catalyzes growth, empowerment, and the embodiment of greater love, peace, trust and harmony. 

It’s very common for people who experience an Akashic session with me to believe that I have a special gift or am a natural born psychic intuitive and medium. The truth is, we all have the potential to access higher perspective. With a pure heart and intention, coupled with a meditative, receptive state of allowing, all can do the sincere spiritual work required to access the wisdom, love and knowing that Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu and all the great spiritual teachers did/do. 

In this training, you will learn:

♥ How to cultivate the elevated, expansive, receptive state of consciousness that allows access to higher perspective.

♥ How to translate the messages received.

♥ All about the Akashic Records/“Mind of God” and channeling process.

♥ What the Akashic Records reveal.

♥ How to use the Akashic Records for self healing, personal inquiries, elevation of consciousness and personal growth. 

♥ How to share readings with others in a safe, clear and empowering way.

This training is not solely for those who intend to become an Akashic practitioner - it is for anyone who is wanting to elevate their consciousness and experience the myriad of benefits offered by stepping into this level of empowerment and self awareness. All areas of our lives are transformed through regularly accessing higher perspective. As we become channels for this higher perspective and high vibrational energy, we begin to: 

♥ Embody greater self love and love of all;

♥ Develop our intuition and psychic knowing;

♥ Take the consistent, inspired action necessary to create the life we consciously desire;

♥ Remember our interconnectedness with all life and behave and interact in ways that serve to benefit and uplift all;

♥ Create greater prosperity;

♥ Create relationships that are more harmonious, mutually supportive, and fulfilling.

And much more.

Whatever it is you’re wanting to create in your life, regularly accessing higher perspective can support you in creating it. This training has been used by healers, spiritual teachers, coaches and wellness practitioners to take their offering to the next level; public speakers and public figures/influencers to align with their most authentic voice and powerful message; creatives of all kinds to enhance their creative channel; parents to better understand their children and create a healthier, more empowering and nurturing environment for their children; entrepreneurs to catalyze and clarify the route to their success; and more. 

Location: Beautiful Private Residence in TOPANGA, CA.

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About the facilitator:
Daniela Gil is a psychic intuitive & spiritual teacher who travels internationally to share Akashic experiences and Akashic Practitioner Trainings. Her commitment is to your empowerment, elevation of consciousness, and embodiment of greater love, harmony and possibility through the revelation of higher perspective. 

Instagram: @danielagillove

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Here are some testimonials that past training participants have shared on their social media pages:

“Recently I experienced one of the most expansive, joyful, clearing, centering and amplifying trainings of my life with Daniela Gil and her Akashic Records practitioner training. 

I chose to do this training after experiencing multiple life-changing readings from Daniela, with the desire to access this space on my own for personal healing, channeled writing and to offer readings to others.

Daniela lovingly guided us through the process of accessing the records by communicating with the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. I felt safe, loved, empowered and inspired in Daniela's presence and throughout the training. We practiced accessing the records and feeling and understanding the difference between our intuition and the even broader energetic insights the records offer. 

As someone who channels regularly already, I was amazed to see the difference. 
I am so grateful to have attended this training in every way. Daniela is such a unique, beautiful and powerful soul, and by the end of the training I felt empowered to access the records on my own (which I have done many times since).” - shared on Instagram by @Allisun. 

“I can't say enough to express my gratitude for Daniela Gil and this practitioner training! It has served me in so many ways. Mostly, I feel a renewed sense of connection to Divine Source. Of course, that connection never really went away but, now I can truly feel it and access it consistently. During the last month, this connection has started to become stronger through practicing and offering readings for others as well as for myself.
If you find yourself stuck in a cycle of un-helpful belief/behavior patterns and you are wanting to call in more abundance and love in your life through healing these old patterns, this is the course for you! For me personally, it has also started to unfold as my calling and career path. People use the records for all sorts of different things though, not necessarily to teach it or give readings. For example, I've also found it extremely useful for increasing my creative flow as well, especially for dance, writing and making art. AND for business/planning and more practical aspects of my life too! Not to mention a heightened and more accurate intuition that I had been ignoring in the past. When intuition becomes aligned with your soul's purpose, life becomes a whole lot easier and MORE FUN!
Whatever your purpose, the Akashic Records have the potential to change your life, through recognizing your own abundant light and empowering you to do something about it! As for Daniela Gil, she is a most wonderful, sweet and supportive guide. Please send me a DM if you have more questions about the training and my personal experience with learning to use the records, I'm happy to gush anytime!” - Lauren Aubrey, shared on her Facebook page.

“If you are at all interested in learning about the Akashic Records, I can't recommend Daniela Gil enough! This training broke a bunch of my bad habits and flip turned my life around. I am so excited to yell at you until you go do it, too. GO DO IT! DOOOOO!” - Diogo Busato, shared on his Facebook Page.

I have known Daniela Gil for over a year now and she is an absolute angel and incredible channel! I have received a number of readings from her and have seen her not only transform her own life with the Akashic Records, but also countless of others. Empowering others to access the Akashic Records and amplify the power of their intuition is her highest excitement and calling.
I HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their practice (and life) to the next level.
- Petra Hu, shared on her Facebook page.

“If you have ever been interested In working with or learning about Akashic records I highly recommend Daniela Gil. She is a clear, open, loving vessel for this energy. I have direct experience in working with her and I’m beyond grateful for how impactful the messages have been for me.” - Rana Wilson, shared on her FB page. 

“Daniela is truly one of the clearest, most pure channels of the Divine I know and honor all the ways she holds such inspiring, supportive and loving Presence in all of her group gatherings and one on one sessions” - Shakti Mayumi, shared on her Facebook Page

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Here are some of testimonials of Daniela's readings on her Yelp page:

“Daniela Gil has transformed my life! My first session with her unlocked my true essence that years of disappointment and heartache from not having answers had held me prisoner to. I immediately felt free and known! Since then my work with her has propelled me forward into living the life I've always wanted! Everyday I wake up thinking I can't believe this is my life! She opened my eyes to the magic all around and within me. I've learned more about self love and real beauty from her than any book or lecture has ever taught me. Her joy, enthusiasm, and radiant LOVE is contagious! She is a gift to this world. Truly. If you want to improve your life, find peace, and fall in love with yourself, schedule an akashic record reading with Daniella!! You will not regret it!” - Jalie K

“Daniela and her work have inspired great changes in me that I know are only just beginning. I met her in a group Akashic Records reading about a month ago, and I felt compelled to work with her one-on-one. As a healer myself, I am very picky about who I open up to, but I felt immediately comforted by her. She literally radiates unconditional love. She has a unique ability to help you tap in to your own spiritual nature and see an elevated perspective about whatever situation you are trying to process/heal. Plus the energy that comes through is incredibly transformative. I love to record our sessions and listen back to them later since there are so many gems of wisdom, and again the energy is so healing. She helps you make sense of the crazy world we live in and how to find your place and your joy in this world. She transmutes so much so effortlessly, it's really a gift of you are processing any sort of trauma or emotional heaviness, or even if you just feel stuck. Last week I was at a breaking point in my relationship and ready to give up, we just couldn't communicate in a healthy way. Daniela did a couple's reading for us and we were able to finally see each other's perspective as well as a spiritual one. I noticed the changes in myself and my partner immediately, and since then it's felt like we're back in the honeymoon phase, but with a deeper understanding of why we are in each other's lives and what we can each bring to the relationship. We can finally appreciate each other for who we are and learn to work together as a team. She helped us save our relationship. 

Every aspect of my life has blossomed since starting my work with her, and I'm overjoyed to see where it will go. People keep telling me that I look great and seem genuinely happy and how proud they are of my personal growth and development. I feel like I'm shedding years of stuff that isn't mine, and getting to the core of who I really am. I would (and do!) refer her to anyone and everyone.” - Kristin P

“I have had several readings with different psychics over the last few years and none of those readings compare to the Akashic record readings I have had with Daniela. Saying that her readings have brought me clarity and healing is an understatement as her readings have truly transformed me. She speaks with such elegance and love that you just can't help but be amazed by her. Daniela is so kind, genuine, loving, and experienced. I recommend her to anyone who is in need of guidance or healing.” - Daniela P

“I am so so grateful to have found Daniela. It was as if I was brought to her out of pure fate. I had planned to do a 30 min. session at first, however I couldn't resist but to do an entire hour session because she is THAT GOOD. Out of everything I have done in the esoteric arts and healing realm, having my Akashic records read by Daniela has been by far the most healing & clarifying modality I have ever experienced. I can't believe it took me this long to finally explore the records and get so much life direction I had been longing for. I will continue to recommend her to all those who are curious and searching for their life purpose and calling. Thank you so much Daniela!!” - Valery S

“Daniela has quite literally changed my life for the better and was the catalyst for me having the confidence to start my new business. Her intuition is spot on and her insight into the Akashic Records has helped me take a deeper look into myself in the best possible way. Her healing talents extend from reiki to breathwork to Akashic Records to yoga and life coaching. She is truly a gift to all of us and it has been a pleasure and an honor to work with her.” Kittie D

“I have had several healing sessions with Daniela in the Akashic Records. Although there isn't an option on YELP to appropriately describe what it is she does, she actually is one of the most gifted psychic readers I know. She doesn't use tarot or divination tools - she instead connects through your MTLO's (masters teachers loved ones) who exist in the beyond. Through her, they provide guidance, direction, and clarity on your most important life's work. I felt layers of healing in each session, which continued far beyond the session was over. Daniela is so full of unconditional love, she will also allow you to record your session so that you can play it back later. The healing I have received through her readings are by far the most helpful thing I have done for myself in my healing journey. I want to mention that because I am an Energy worker, and practice reiki on myself and clients daily, but have needed some extra guidance connecting to Source guidance. This has been a great modality for me , compassionate , gentle, and I felt comfortable releasing during & after the session. Thank you Daniela :)” - April P

“Daniela has not only been the best breathwork facilitator, life coach, reiki master, and Akashic Records practitioner I have had the pleasure of receiving services from, but she has become a dear teacher, friend, and mentor to me. She is a true boss in life while radiating compassion and kindness.
I can honestly credit Daniela for helping me achieve my goals and dreams with confidence as she has guided me to transcend my health, business, and spiritual practices.
Thank you for all of your services and for just being you. It has been a gift and an absolute pleasure!” - Jamie D

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