Los Angeles Akashic Practitioner Training

Los Angeles Akashic Practitioner Training


Access anytime you desire to a cosmic library of sorts, or “spiritual google”, where you can ask anything and receive relevant insight, information and high vibrational healing energy.

In this practitioner training you’ll learn how to access the Akashic Records; how to use the Akashic Records for self-discovery, healing, transformation and manifestation; and how to share Akashic Record readings with others in a clear and empowering way.

OCTOBER 21 - 26, 2019

Hosted at the L.A. Sanctuary:
2551 Wellesley Avenue
Los Angeles, 90064

Monday, 10/21: 6PM - 9PM
Tuesday, 10/22: 6PM - 9PM
Thursday, 10/24: 6PM - 9PM
Friday, 10/25: 6PM - 9PM
Saturday, 10/26: 11AM - 4PM

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