Online Group Akashic Reading

Online Group Akashic Reading

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“Akasha” is the Sanskrit word for space / ethers / the primordial element. It both encompasses and gives rise to the totality of all that is. “Akashic” perspective is essentially “higher” perspective: the perspective and knowing that is beyond the mind, which is laden with beliefs, judgments, expectations, projections, memories, and more - all of which distort our perspective and limit our true knowing. 

In this online group reading by Akashic practitioner Daniela Gil, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and receive insight and guidance from the Akashic realm.

These group readings are transformational experiences that offer you:

♥ The opportunity to explore yourself, your life’s circumstances, and all connected to you through the eyes of a higher perspective.

♥ Psychic insight in response to your questions and inquiries. 

♥ High vibrational energy that naturally alleviates you of lower vibrational beliefs, emotions, and behaviors. 

♥ Illumination of the subconscious beliefs, behaviors and choices that are creating the undesirable circumstances in your life.

♥ An elevation of consciousness.

♥ Clarity that participants often experience as feeling lighter, greater enthusiasm for life, and a feeling that anything is possible - what they can dream, they can create and achieve. 

♥ A liberation of stuck or stagnant energy and limiting or untrue beliefs.

Popular topics of Akashic exploration are: relationships, addictive or disempowering patterns, life purpose, career, finances, business, travel, big decisions, manifestation, past traumas, emotional experiences, dreams, health, diet, romance, and more. 

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