Accessing Higher Perspective: Akashic Practitioner Training in CANGGU, BALI

Accessing Higher Perspective: Akashic Practitioner Training in CANGGU, BALI


This practitioner training teaches you how to access and channel higher perspective (also known as “The Akashic Records”, “The Book of Life” in the Bible, and “The Mind of God”). 

Higher perspective is like the Google of the Universe - you can ask and “look up” anything and receive guidance, insight, and high vibrational energy from your higher self/inner truth. 

The high vibrational energy that comes with higher perspective naturally alleviates us of lower vibrational beliefs, habits, and emotions, and creates lasting changes within our consciousness and the circumstances of our lives. Working with higher perspective is a radically transformative, elevating experience that catalyzes growth, empowerment, and the embodiment of greater love, peace, trust and harmony. 

It’s very common for people who experience a session with an Akashic practitioner to believe that the practitioner has a special gift or is a natural born psychic intuitive. The truth is, we all have access to higher perspective. With a pure heart and intention, coupled with a meditative, receptive state of allowing, all can do the sincere spiritual work required to access the same wisdom, love and knowing that Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu and all the great spiritual teachers did/do. 

In this training, you will learn:

♥ How to cultivate the elevated, expansive, receptive state of consciousness that allows access to higher perspective.

♥ How to translate the messages received.

♥ All about the Akashic Records/“Mind of God” and channeling process.

♥ What the Akashic Records reveal.

♥ How to use the Akashic Records for self healing and self inquiries.

♥ How to share readings with others in a safe, clear and empowering way.

This training is not solely for those who intend to become an Akashic practitioner - it is for anyone who is wanting to elevate their consciousness and experience the myriad of benefits offered by stepping into this level of empowerment and self awareness. All areas of our lives are transformed through regularly accessing higher perspective. As we become channels for this higher perspective and high vibrational energy, we begin to: 

♥ Embody greater self love and love of all;

♥ Develop our intuition and psychic knowing;

♥ Take the consistent, inspired action necessary to create the life we consciously desire;

♥ Remember our interconnectedness with all life and behave and interact in ways that serve to benefit and uplift all;

♥ Create greater prosperity;

♥ Create relationships that are more harmonious, mutually supportive, and fulfilling;

And much more.

Whatever it is you’re wanting to create in your life, regularly accessing higher perspective can support you in creating it. This training has been used by healers, spiritual teachers, coaches and wellness practitioners to take their offering to the next level; public speakers and public figures/influencers to align with their most authentic voice and powerful message; creatives of all kinds to enhance their creative channel; parents to better understand their children and create a healthier, more empowering and nurturing environment for their children; entrepreneurs to catalyze and clarify the route to their success; and more. 


Saturday, 11/10: 11am - 4pm

Sunday, 11/11: 11am - 4pm

>> $440 USD <<
*discounted from $880//$1100 exclusively for the Bali community.

Exact location, syllabus, and how to prepare will be shared with you upon registration.

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