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Akashic perspective is higher perspective, OR A PERSPECTIVE THAT is in greater vibrational resonance with that of “spirit”/”Source”/”God”.

“Akashic” is the Sanskrit word for “ethers” or “space”. Akashic refers to the primordial element. It is the original awareness, energy, and potentiality from which all life springs.

“Akashic Perspective” was inspired by the Akashic Records Reading tradition. The Akashic Records are the subtle energetic imprint of everything that is, has been, or could be. This includes the recording of infinity and eternity; all that is manifest and unmanifest; all potentials and possibilities; and all choices and experiences past, present and future.

Your Akashic Records are like the archive of your soul from its inception until now and all future possibilities.

The Akashic Records are addressed in all the great spiritual texts and traditions; they’re referred to as “The Book of Life” in the Bible and also known as “The Mind of God”.

In Akashic Perspective, I come into an elevated, expanded state of consciousness where I relinquish my human mind to merge with universal mind. I then channel insight and energy in response to your questions, inquiries, and whatever is empowering, healing, and relevant for you to receive at this moment in time.




Life/Spirit/God/Source/The Universe/Your word (choose a word to describe the divine that most resonates with you or your client), 

Allow me to come into an elevated, expansive state of consciousness,

So that I may come into vibrational alignment with Akashic perspective.

Set aside the totality of my ego: all personally and preconceived notions, projections and expectations,

So that I may serve as a clear channel for divine loving guidance, energy and knowing. 

Help me to see (myself/name) as (I/she/he) am/is seen in the light of the Akashic Records,

Allow me to know (myself/name) as (I/she/he) am/is known in the mind of God. 

And enable me to share your perspective with highest integrity, love, and truth. 

And so it is.

The Records are now open.