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God-led Business


​• developing your spiritual business - God's way.


and developing and sharing your spiritual gifts!

Higher perspective on money

PURCHASE Lifetime Access  to the replays

+ BECOMING A CHANNEL course (in development)

90% off for a limited time! 

only $44 USD! 

Join us and...
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Learn about channeling from gifted, expert channels and teachers who channel their content and offerings.

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Receive guidance on developing and sharing your spiritual gifts from those who are sharing their gifts in visible, powerful, and prosperous ways.

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Learn about utilizing your channel for healing, client sessions, public speaking, writing, God-led business development, and more.

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Experience the wisdom & gifts of world renown spiritual teachers and channels!

For the first time ever, I’ll be publicly sharing transmission gems that I’d previously only shared within my signature online training,

 Akashic Metamorphosis!

Daniela Gil

Channeling God's love and insight brings God’s love, blessings, and miracles into our lives. 


The Love, Peace, Joy and Fulfillment we seek can only be sourced stably and truly from communion with God. 


Becoming a Channel opens you to receive, consciously and consistently, God in your life.


And, With God, all things are possible.

(God is one of the many words I use to describe the Divine... and different ways of relating to the Divine will be shared in this immersion, including but not limited to: channeling ethereal high-frequency beings such an angels, aliens, or spirit guides; accessing the Akashic Records; connecting with your higher self/soul; prayer; and more. All belief systems are welcome.)

David Lion

David Lion

Mystic & Hypnotist

Stefanie Sundara

Stefanie Sundara

Akashic Channel

Aveyah Love


Angel of Joy

Oren Harris

Oren Harris

Mastery Coach

Jules Argentina

Julieanne Conard


Michael Armstrong

Michael Armstrong

Mentor & Soul Embodiment Coach

Allison Pelissier

Allison Pelissier

Heart-centered guide

The vision for this immersion was divinely-inspired, with the intent to transform the lives of all in attendance through activating and encouraging their capacity to commune with the Divine.

Communing with the Divine is a powerful, practical practice that awakens our unique & innate spiritual gifts and brings innumerable blessings into our lives. 

When I opened my mind, heart, and spirit to the Divine through the practice of channeling, *everything* in my life changed.

Through years of guiding hundreds of people in the cultivation of their Divine channel, I've witnessed over and over again the life-changing power of this practice. The transformational impact cannot be pre-imagined, only lived. 

This event is offered to you with so much love❣️

BECOMING A CHANNEL Allison's Edits (1800
Daniela is truly the most pure, clear and loving channel I know and her offerings are an experience of divine grace, profound wisdom and transformational love. I have experienced both her readings and Practitioner Training and could not recommend them enough if you are looking to further your spiritual journey, align more to your higher self and connect deeply and effortlessly with source.

The training has allowed me to experience an incredible flow of divine insight, perceptive and high vibrational energy, on a consistent, daily basis. Accessing the records allows me to experience greater alignment, high states of bliss and harmony and receive invaluable insight into my life and the lives of others. It is an immensely helpful skill to have on one’s own personal spiritual journey and if you desire, to help others on theirs. Daniela’s work has changed numerous lives and I know it will continue to transform many more.”

Amber Rose, shared on her Facebook page

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