The Akashic Metamorphosis:

A 12 week Online Akashic Records Practitioner training, group coaching, and Akashic self-exploration transformational container. 

Mondays, Oct 7 - Dec 23rd.

1pm Hawaii, 4pm Los Angeles, 7pm New York,

Tuesdays 7am Bali, 9am Sydney.

Join Akashic Records Practitioner and Teacher Daniela Gil for an empowering, consciousness-elevating training and transformational experience. “Akashic Metamorphoses” parallels the radical, magical, seemingly miraculous transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly. The caterpillar, limited in its perspective, earth-bound, and unaware that it’s also a free-flying, beautiful butterfly - creates, from its own elements, the medium for its metamorphoses.. the chrysalis. From the chrysalis it evolves and emerges transformed, with its wings manifested, liberated, and a whole new perspective on and experience of life. 

This metamorphoses is symbolic of the transformation that regularly accessing and working with Akashic perspective catalyzes.

In “Akashic Metamorphosis”, you will: 

♥ Learn how to access and communicate Akashic perspective. Akashic perspective is essentially ‘higher’ perspective - a perspective that more closely resembles the perspective of God/spirit/source (the culmination of all perspectives). “Akashic” comes from the term Akashic Records, which describes the knowing of everything that ever has been, is, or could be.

♥ Use Akashic perspective and practice to transform your life. Through Akashic perspective, we’ll explore your soul’s intentions and most exciting possibilities for this lifetime, and bring about the necessary healing, awareness, and shifts in beliefs and behaviors to make manifest these possibilities.

Akashic Metamorphosis will be a small, intimate container limited to only a few participants and the syllabus will be catered specifically to you and the areas of your life that would most serve you to focus on, like: empowering you in your dharma/career/life purpose; developing your psychic sight; creating financial prosperity with ease and alignment through giving your gifts; creating fulfilling, loving, mutually supportive relationships; health and vitality; optimal diet and practices for you to cultivate well-being; etc…

This training and transformational experience is for you if: 

  • You’re wanting to develop and trust your intuitive/psychic sight.

  • You’re desiring to move through life with greater clarity, ease, and trust - feeling like life has your back, your visions and dreams are possible for you, and your choices and decisions are always the ‘right’ ones. 

  • You’re ready to embrace your next level of empowerment and self-responsibility to create the life you consciously desire and give your gifts fully, in service to all.

  • You feel like you’re on the verge of great change yet some part of you feels stuck, stagnant, unsure, hesitant, or afraid. 

  • You feel a soul-level resonance and a full-body “yes!” In response to this invitation!  


 …weekly Akashic activations and transmissions that serve to catalyze inspiration, enthusiasm, momentum and confidence in you taking tangible action towards creating the life you consciously desire. 

…an actively supportive, loving community that collectively creates an energetic vortex of sorts: all of us, together, showing up for ourselves, each other, and all of life, remembering and embracing our innate magic and immense power, and consistently connecting with one another, holding each other accountable, and inviting one another to step up into greater and greater possibilities for ourselves. 

…a sacred, clear container (chrysalis) that catalyzes your elevation of consciousness, empowerment, and realization of your greatest potential - which is the whole-hearted giving of all your gifts to life. 

In this experience of life, anything is possible. Akashic perspective not only reminds us of this truth (and all our truths!) on an intellectual/mental level, it “shows” us in a way that leads to a sincere “knowing”.. where we begin to embody it and live it. 

It all begins with you ~

This is your invitation to fully step into all that is possible for you and available for you here.

This is your invitation to embody and live out the remembering of your divine roots and essence. 

I’d love for you to join us!



$2800 includes bi-weekly Akashic one-one-ones with Daniela (normally $222 for a 45 minute session). 

Early Registration Discount: 

$1100 if you register by midnight PST on August 28th.

$2200 with the Akashic one-on-ones.