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1-1 Mentorship with Daniela Gil

Private Mentorship is the most intimate, high touch and transformational way to work with me.

It includes...
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Unlimited Akashic sessions.

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Prayers on your behalf 5 days+ / week.

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Continuous connection via voice notes and text.

Mandala GOLD


One month deep dive

Mandala GOLD


Three month container

Bonus Gift

(optional and redeemable within 1 year of our mentorship together)

Travel to the Sacred Valley of Peru while I’m there and join a group huachuma ceremony!

The (completely optional) private mentorship bonus gift includes 1 huachuma ceremony, an integration session with me, and 1 plant bath.

All in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Daniela Gil Peru Retreat


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Developing ‘right relationship’ with others: how to experience more love, trust, fulfillment, joy, peace, compassion, and/or grace in your relationships.

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Mentorship in the devotional feminine arts.

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Romantic relationship guidance; guidance in dating; marriage healing.

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Developing your spiritual / wellness business in ways that are natural to you, easeful, joyful, and prosperous.

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Activating your psychic and spiritual gifts.

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Supporting you in sharing your spiritual gifts on a grander scale.

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Mastery in accessing the Akashic Records and channeling your speaking / writing. Spiritual teachers, content creators, authors etc hire me to develop their ability to access a higher perspective when speaking or writing.

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Plant medicine integration.

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Preparation for plant medicine facilitation.

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Preparation to share and serve as a spiritual practitioner.

And so much more!


Through my psychic gifts I’m able to tune into the uniqueness of each person’s dharma and karma, and guide them accordingly. My guidance as a mentor doesn’t rely on my own personal experience or personal lens… it’s channeled and comes from the Akashic Records. All that I share and facilitate within these containers is inspired and led by a psychic, intuitive awareness of you.

A large component of the transformational impact of these mentorship containers are the prayers. Have you ever had someone who is deeply connected to the multidimensional realms direct their prayers to serve and benefit you? (I believe) it has profound impact and is deeply supportive and nourishing.

I personally work a lot with the spirits of love, joy and peace, so my containers tend to be oriented towards experiencing evermore love, joy and peace in this life. They are also deeply spiritual and incorporate devotion, faith, God and prayer.

I’m also a certified holistic health coach, breath work facilitator, and a shamanic medicine woman.

I work with and share huachuma (a.k.a. San Pedro) and Rose.

I am not trauma informed.

I tend to work with spiritual practitioners or those who are already leaders in their fields.

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“Daniela's Akashic Metamorphosis Practitioner training has been the most expansive, joyful, clearing, centering and amplifying training of my life. I chose to do this training after experiencing multiple life-changing readings from Daniela, with the desire to access this space on my own for personal healing, channeled writing and to offer readings to others.

Daniela lovingly guided us through the process of accessing the Akashic records and as someone who channels regularly already, I was amazed to see the difference. I felt safe, loved, empowered and inspired in Daniela’s presence and throughout the training. I am so grateful to have attended this training in every way. Daniela is such a unique, beautiful and powerful soul..."

-Allison Pelissier

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