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Cultivate your God-channel

Commune with the sacred plant medicine of Huachuma.


Hosted in the Sacred Valley of Peru

November 1st - 8th, 2023


Join us

& experience the transformational power of:


Akashic Practice (a.k.a. Accessing the Akashic Records / Channeling Divine Perspective / Communing with God).


Huachuma Ceremony (a.k.a San Pedro… Huachuma is a sacred plant medicine, a cactus, that is renown for its heart-opening properties and miraculous healing potential)

Actualizing Love

within a small, intimate, heart-centered community

(this is semi-private retreat limited to only 5 participants!)


in one of the most beautiful & sacred places on earth...

 The Sacred Valley of Peru❣️


Image by Jean Vella
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Daniela Gil logo
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Channeled Teaching Transmissions on: Developing your Akashic Channel; Divine Love (healing your relationships); Optimizing Well-Being (Physical, Mental, Emotional & Energetic); and more! 

Ceremonies: Two Huachuma Ceremonies (one will be amidst one of the Sacred Valley's most majestic mountains renown for its strong spiritual energy and the other will be a magical fairie hike along a beautiful stream to ancient ruins!); Cacao Ceremony to connect with your heart and creativity; Breathwork Ceremony to purify your energy field, expand your energy channels, and elevate your frequency; Temazcal (sweat lodge) for purification and release; and a Sacred Tobacco Prayer Ceremony to amplify the power of your prayers and effectively direct your intentions.

Experiences: Hike to Sacred Ruins; Plant Bath (sounds simple but is magical AF! Plants are powerful, sacred healing allies, and a plant bath is a traditional way to receive their healing & energy-field-clearing potential); an afternoon with an indigenous community of the Andes Mountains (experience their ways and receive their wisdom), and more!

This will be a small, intimate, semi-private retreat, reserved for only 5 participants


The retreat itinerary will cater specifically to you... 

Upon registration, we'll meet 1:1 so that I may get to know you & provide the experience that best serves you.

Your Retreat Itinerary Includes:

Huachuma is a brilliant & beautiful plant teacher, ally, and medicine that addresses dis-ease at the root cause, supporting mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing.


Ceremony with huachuma guides you into a state of consciousness that Miguel, our huachumero, refers to as “the real state of the human being”: a state where the truth of love, possibility, and oneness with all is known and experienced.

The healing that huachuma facilitates cannot be comprehended or described in words.. only lived and experienced.


Akashic Huachuma Retreat

November 1st - 8th, 2023

● Develop your relationship with God & Pachamama (Mother Earth)... your Divine parents, and live the increased peace, trust, and sense of being loved and supported by life that can only come from relationship with them.

● Experience the accelerated spiritual evolution catalyzed by Akashic Practice & the plant intelligence of Huachuma.

● Cultivate greater love, trust, and possibility within.. 

● And do it all with a small, beautiful community of soul family❣️


You’ll be staying in one of the most lovely, luxurious homes in all of Pisac!

Pisac is a large village within the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It's surrounded by incredible hikes & sacred ruins, has a large spiritual community, many amazing restaurants, and is the closest to Cusco airport - only 50 minutes away.

The home has a large yard with sheep, a garden, and beautiful views of the surrounding Andes mountains. 🥰


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Your retreat includes all workshops, ceremonies, and experiences, as well as: daily housekeeping; all transportation (including transportation from the Cusco airport to our retreat villa); accommodations, and a personal chef! Enjoy organic juices, meals made with lots of love and organic, fresh, local ingredients, and the best restaurants in town!

4.4k USD


$1100 OFF

 until September 22nd! 




Stefanie Sundara:

"This retreat facilitated one of the biggest openings of my spiritual journey!


...I not only felt safe and guided the entire time, but empowered to really dive deep within some dark and ripe places in my psyche.

I noticed that the way Daniela holds space and teaches, is seamless with the way she relates to life and others in general - with this crystalline kind of presence that inspires intimacy, openness, and vulnerability. The way that she 'sees' the purest and biggest possibilities that we each hold is incredible, and she is SO generous with sharing about these perspectives that feel like a mini catalyst each time....

To speak to Miguel's service in facilitating the Huachuma ceremonies for us: I am still mindblown. It was an honor to witness Miguel's different sides, because when I first met him he was so unassuming, humble, and stoic. In the ceremonies, and when he would teach us about The Andean CosmoVision, his soul essence completely bloomed to where I felt him as a true channel for The Great Mystery, a devoted ally of the spirit of Huachuma, and a man accompanied by a long line of ancestors. His ability as a leader, guide, and trailblazer constantly helped me feel confident in my ability to trust the medicine.

Together Miguel and Daniela created this Neptunian container and unified field of consciousness where I felt our group could really come together as an oceanic whole, and we could experience a healthy sense of independence and interdependence. Everyone that was a part of the group came with open hearts, open minds, and creative spirits that also helped make the experience as potent as it was. By the end, we were all fully supporting each other in shining a light on parts of our lives that were ready to be known. We were mostly operating from a psychic space, where we didn't need to talk about specific things in order for them to be known, we could just feel them in the collective unconscious. It was fascinating to feel what it's like to live from this way of being, as it's something that I feel is a lost art within our overculture.

...the ripple effects I've experienced not only in my life but in the life of those around me since coming back home. I learned so much about the power of prayer, the realness of our psychic abilities as a human species, the support of the Earth as a motherly guide, connected more than ever to my ancestors, and as if my heart has been washed away clean. I'm so looking forward to how these retreats evolve and fully recommend those who are interested in this path to join!"


“Hands down the most transformative, healing, and empowering experience of my life.”


"…From the first moment of arrival to the last, the retreat carried a magical, loving energy… I felt an inner peace, trust and joy from the very first moment… and I felt safe, cared for, loved and trusting every moment I was there…. Daniela and Miguel’s intention of love and service was so powerful and clear and carried an energy of Pure Spirit every moment of the retreat.”


“This retreat was a portal where time and a sense of the past dissolved, where I entered a realm of presence and transformation. The experience was far beyond what I imagined… I felt safe, held, and guided in Akashic and huachuma exploration! This was my first plant medicine ceremony, and I felt like it was the perfect experience and group of people to do it with. Virtues that I’m taking away are gratitude, humility, presence, patience, self-compassion, psychic growth, release, and prayer.”


“It was AMAZING! Life changing. Epic.”


“The retreat was very impactful and powerful.”


“Touching, eye opening, fulfilling, and filled with so much love and gratitude. It was an honor to be a part of it.”


"The space that you two held was so special and potent. I could feel the experience and love from both of you and i never once felt afraid or concerned. That was really important to me as I experienced this medicine for the first time. The way everything was done with such care and reverence is also part of why I would recommend this to others.”

Randal Harris:


“The obvious heartfelt care and planning of all logistics and details was amazingly impressive and awesome! Anything I could say about the retreat is indeed an understatement… My understanding, experience, intention, energy, joy, peace and love about life will never be as it was before the retreat. The love, trust and connection to my new family will never diminish. I only need stop and remember every person there to be reminded that we are all love, spirit, connection and one with one another and that absolutely is the truth of everyone and all existence! I now get to feel to my core that we are one with all humanity, all life in nature, the wind, the water, well, the whole of all. It is a very nice philosophy to say but to actually now feel and be that is what is beyond words. Most of all the gratitude of every moment to Daniela and Miguel and the sacred medicine for their unwavering commitment and knowing of the intention of serving and loving for others is the magical formula to living in true, pure purpose. My gratitude to Spirit and Daniela and Miguel will never leave my heart. Whenever I falter in my own story I only need to ask Spirit "How may I serve you?" Thank you from my whole being and heart!


We would *love* to welcome you!

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