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Accessing the Akashic Records

Hosted at Quantum Wellness in Bedminster, New Jersey

Saturday, December 30th, 2023

11am - 2pm

A workshop on opening to channel Divine insight, perspective and energy into your life.

Daniela Gil

The Akashic Records are an ethereal resource that provide Divine energy and perspective.

As expressions/creations of Akasha (God), we are eternally connected to our source, with infinite access to the love, wisdom, and divine spiritual energy of the Akashic Records / God.


The only reason many are not living according this perspective is because doing so requires consciously, consistently connecting  to it. 

Accessing the Akashic Records is a practical, powerful practice that allows you to do just that!

The inspiration & intentions for this event:

 ✨ introduce you to a powerful, life-changing practice that all have the innate potential of developing: accessing the Akashic Records.

✨ support you in the development of your personal connection to Divine perspective, insight and energy through this practice.

✨ share an Akashic transmission that serves you personally, and positively impacts you!

I'm so looking forward to sharing this practice with you❣️

Daniela is truly the most pure, clear and loving channel I know and her offerings are an experience of divine grace, profound wisdom and transformational love. I have experienced both her readings and Practitioner Training and could not recommend them enough if you are looking to further your spiritual journey, align more to your higher self and connect deeply and effortlessly with source.

The training has allowed me to experience an incredible flow of divine insight, perceptive and high vibrational energy, on a consistent, daily basis. Accessing the records allows me to experience greater alignment, high states of bliss and harmony and receive invaluable insight into my life and the lives of others. It is an immensely helpful skill to have on one’s own personal spiritual journey and if you desire, to help others on theirs. Daniela’s work has changed numerous lives and I know it will continue to transform many more.”

Amber Rose, shared on her Facebook page

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