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Audience with Andromeda

A transmission from Andromeda, as channeled by Kate McCavana.

Join us live via Zoom on Thursday, October 5th, 2023

11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern, 7pm London

"Do you have an open mind?  


Does your heart weirdly yearn for home like your body yearns for oxygen?


Do you have a deep sense of knowing that there’s more going on than meets the eye...


That the recent tales of recovered E.T. bodies and crashed UFO’s might actually be true… 


So what if, rather than waiting to read all about it on your news feed, you could simply ask one yourself.


What if you could actually have a chat with an E.T. and get the answers you’re seeking!


Thats what’s on offer in this ONE OFF EXCLUSIVE…


An invitation to meet Andromeda, hear her story… and ask whatever you wish about who she is… why she’s here…why earth… and why now!!


Forget Netflix… hosted by my mentor Daniela Gil,  this is next-level entertainment… a ground breaking LIVE channeled transmission at 7:00 PM UK BST on Thursday 5th October.


For the first time EVER, this intergalactic being is going to reveal all - and who knows, we may even be joined by a few cosmic friends.


And I’d LOVE you to be there!!

P.S. Not familiar with the Andromeda phenomenon?? Check out Kate's new You Tube channel @channelforAndromeda "

- Kate ❤️

This event is our gift to you

& free to register!

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