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Singing the Divine

A workshop on opening your voice & Divine channel!

Learn how to access and express your Divine channel through your singing and creativity!

Wednesday, January 17th

10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern


 All have an innate, inherent connection to Divinity... yet many do not consistently experience it, because they haven't intentionally developed it or consciously accessed it! Yet our Divine channel remains available to us all and a part of us all. We are all expressions and extensions of God, made in His image. Cultivating our Divine channel offers us access to an infinite, brilliant source of love and creative possibility.


In this workshop with dear friend and transformational vocal coach Larisa Gosla we'll be diving into uniting your voice, singing, and sound frequencies to your Divine channel... your personal connection to Source.

Connecting to Divinity through singing allows for the graceful, natural opening of your voice. Divinity offers total love, acceptance, and freedom. Divinity supports full creative freedom and activates creative potential. Tapping into your Divine connection and expressing it through your voice clears judgment, self-consciousness, limiting beliefs, and unconscious blockages to singing. It naturally allows us to sing with confidence, joy, and full self-expression and freedom... regardless of how we have related to our voice or singing in the past!


Sound frequency is incredibly powerful... it's been used for healing for as long as we know. Channeling Divine energy through your voice creates healing sound frequencies that touch every cell and organ of your body as well as your energetic, emotional, and mental bodies. Your voice can be used as a powerful healing tool for yourself and others! This workshop will support you in bringing these Divine energies through your voice and singing.

We'd love to welcome you!

Daniela is truly the most pure, clear and loving channel I know and her offerings are an experience of divine grace, profound wisdom and transformational love. I have experienced both her readings and Practitioner Training and could not recommend them enough if you are looking to further your spiritual journey, align more to your higher self and connect deeply and effortlessly with source.

The training has allowed me to experience an incredible flow of divine insight, perceptive and high vibrational energy, on a consistent, daily basis. Accessing the records allows me to experience greater alignment, high states of bliss and harmony and receive invaluable insight into my life and the lives of others. It is an immensely helpful skill to have on one’s own personal spiritual journey and if you desire, to help others on theirs. Daniela’s work has changed numerous lives and I know it will continue to transform many more.”

Amber Rose, shared on her Facebook page

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